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Abstract: “Background: Patients are increasingly asking for their health data. Yet, little is known about what motivates patients to engage with the electronic health record (EHR). Furthermore, quality-focused mechanisms for patients to comment about their records are lacking.
Objective: We aimed to learn more about patient experiences with reading and providing feedback on their visit notes. Methods: We developed a patient feedback tool linked to OpenNotes as part of a pilot quality improvement initiative focused on patient engagement. Patients who had appointments with members of 2 primary care teams piloting the program between August 2014-2015 were eligible to participate...."
Citation: Gerard, M., Fossa, A., Folcarelli, P., Walker, J., & Bell, S. (2017). What Patients Value About Reading Visit Notes: A Qualitative Inquiry of Patient Experiences With Their Health Information [Abstract]. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 19(7). doi:10.2196/jmir.7212

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