Executive Committee

Executive Committee- 2018 *

* Key (X:Y-Z)= (Number of terms served including current term: years of current term)

Russell L. Rothman, MD, MPP (3:18-19)

Kara Myers, CNM, MS (1:17-18)

Raymond Curry, MD, FACP (2:17-18)

Vice President, Internal Education
Craig Roth, MD, FACP (2:18-19)

Vice President, External Education 
Calvin Chou, MD, PhD, FACH (4:17-18)

Vice President, Membership 
Elizabeth Ross, DPT, MMSc, FACH (3:17-18)

Vice President, Research 
Judy Chang, MD, MPH; VP of Research (2:18-19)

Past President
Jenni Levy, MD, FACH (4:17-18)

Executive Director  
Laura Singler, CAE

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