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A questionnaire identifying four key components of patient satisfaction with physician communication

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Abstract: “Objective: To improve efficiency and retain the 4 factors of a reliable, valid interview satisfaction questionnaire (ISQ). Method: 105 residents conducted 301 patient-centered interviews with 10 simulated patients (SP). SPs portrayed three scenarios for each resident and completed the ISQ and the Communication Assessment Tool (CAT) after each...”  Click HERE

Citation: Grayson-Sneed, Katelyn A., Francesca C. Dwamena, Sandi Smith, Heather S. Laird-Fick, Laura Freilich, and Robert C. Smith. "A Questionnaire Identifying Four Key Components of Patient Satisfaction with Physician Communication." Patient Education and Counseling 99.6 (2016): 1054-061. Web.   

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