Enhancing Patient Experience through Healthcare Communication Research and Teaching
Presenter Guidelines
Oral Presentations: Accepted oral presentations will be grouped into 90-minute sessions based on topics/themes. Each oral presentation will be 15 minutes, divided into a 10-min presentation and a 5-min Q&A. A moderator will facilitate each 90-minute session.  

Poster Presentations:
Poster sessions are designed for focused interaction between presenters and other delegates. For this reason we encourage you to stay at your poster for the majority of the session. You will simply look for your assigned poster number on the boards when you arrive in Orlando. Push pins will be available for you to mount your poster in its assigned spot.

All posters will be presented during designated session(s) at the AACH Teaching and Research Forum.  Please note the following timeline

            Poster set-up: Friday Oct 17, 12PM-3:30PM

            Poster take-down: Saturday Oct 18, 4:30PM

Posters should be 3’x 4’, portrait.  

Workshops will take place in 90-minute sessions. They must be interactive. Proposals should articulate group activities, materials used (including handouts, worksheets or other materials) to engage participants and enable them to apply the skills acquired in the workshop in their own institutions. Workshop proposals should also include descriptions of plans to incorporate evaluation of outcomes for participants, such as verbal or written reflection, completion of worksheets or plans to apply new skills.  

Special interest groups
offer one-hour or 90-minute sessions that gather individuals with similar interests and needs to discuss ideas for new projects, gather resources to further projects, or develop ways to further existing collaborations. Special Interest Groups provide opportunities for open discussion and creativity in a more informal and less structured setting. 

For all abstracts that will be presented, the following materials are required from each of the presenters and authors prior to the conference:
1. Signed disclosure form.  Click here to download the form.
2. CV or bio

Please send both documents to Lindsay Bettermann at lbettermann@amrms.com or fax to 859-514-9166, ATTN: Lindsay Bettermann.

Additional details about these required materials can be found on the Continuing Education webpage.