May 31 - June 2, 2019  |  Pittsburgh, PA
Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown


ENRICH is an intensive, learner-centered course that teaches key communication, team-building and leadership skills to clinicians and healthcare administrators.  These skills are key to improving the patient-clinician experience and building stronger healthcare teams and organizations.  

Why ENRICH is So Impactful
  1. Learner-centered approach: Attendees develop personal learning goals to achieve during and after the course, and they select workshops focused on topics of personal interest.
  2. Appreciative approach: Other courses tend to focus on critical analysis only. At ENRICH, we focus on appreciation in addition to critical analysis.
  3. Personal awareness emphasis: Other courses tend to focus on external knowledge.  At ENRICH, we also focus on increasing our knowledge about ourselves.
  4. Group trust: Other courses tend to focus on the expertise of the individual. At ENRICH, we trust the group to help us learn.
  5. Process focus: Other courses often focus on content. At ENRICH, we prioritize process.
  6. Welcoming, supportive peer community: The course joins together healthcare professionals who have a common goal or passion toward improved relationship-centered communication.  Our skilled faculty establish inclusive small group environments and provide constructive feedback on attendees’ skills.
  7. Continuity and connectivity: Small groups are conducted with the same attendees each session, so deep connections with other attendees are common and much more than just “networking.”
  8. Revitalization and rejuvenation: Attendees engage in self-reflection, and many complete the course with a renewed sense of purpose around why they came into healthcare in the first place. 
What You Will Learn
  • How to demonstrate relationship-centered communication skills in difficult conversations with patients and colleagues
  • How to use personal awareness skills and reflective practices to stay in connection with others in the face of differences
  • How to effectively address organizational factors that undermine relationship-centered care

2019 Workshops

  • Improving Patient Experience with Relationship-centered Communication (RCC) Skills
  • Coaching and Feedback through Relationship, Reflection and Intentional Change
  • Communication Skills for Effective Conflict Engagement
  • "Can I Really Ask That?"  Culture, Diversity, and Hierarchy
  • Leading Interprofessional High Performance Healthcare Teams


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