New for 2019!


  • Time. 

    There never seems to be enough.  We understand the challenges of today's healthcare professionals and aim to provide accessible educational offerings that make the most of your valuable time.  So, new for 2019 is a condensed course schedule, spanning across 3 calendar days, so you can learn and connect, and get back to your life at home in one long weekend.  But no fear!  The ENRICH activities are as robust as ever, and our signature learning group time remains fully intact.  

  • Choices. 

    That's right!  Just when you thought ENRICH couldn't get any more learner-centered, it did.  At 2019 ENRICH, attendees will be able to choose 2 different standalone workshops to attend!  You'll get to broaden the scope of the content you learn, and expand the connections and relationships you form. 

  • "TED-style" speakers.

    In place of traditional keynote speakers, 2019 ENRICH will feature "TED-style" speakers.  What does this mean?  The large group sessions will consist of a passionately delivered message where the process of discovery is just as important as the outcome.  The sessions will be concise, so every word counts, and will evoke an "ah-ha!" moment.