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See you soon in Tampa!

May 31st - June 3rd, 2018
Hilton Tampa Downtown


ENRICH Registration is NOW CLOSED.
ENRICH Course: No on-site registration

Forum Online Registration Deadline: May 22, 2018
Research Forum: On-site registration available

ACH will host its co-located ENRICH Communication Course and Research Forum at the Hilton Downtown in Tampa, FL. These programs bring together 200+ healthcare professionals to engage in intensive communication training and to hear the latest research and teaching methods in the field. The ENRICH course and the Research Forum are two separate programs (see descriptions below for each). The programs unite participants and foster cross-collaborations through the following joint activities: Keynote sessions, Special interest groups, A poster session, and more. 
May 31 - June 3, 2018

The ENRICH course teaches key communication, team-building and leadership skills to aid clinicians and administrators in conducting both everyday and challenging conversations in a more effective manner.  These skills are key to improving patient and clinician experience and building healthier and stronger teams and organizations.  ENRICH participants will learn, practice, and receive feedback on communication skills in interactive workshop sessions and small personal awareness groups led by seasoned AACH faculty.


  • Improving Patient Experience with Relationship-centered Communication Skills
  • Coaching and Feedback through Relationship, Reflection and Intentional Change
  • Communication Skills for Effective Conflict Engagement
  • Fostering Resilience
  • Culture, Diversity, and Hierarchy




Those interested in improving their own communication skills with colleagues, patients, and families, as well as those interested in teaching others these skills, including:

  • Hospital Administrators
  • Educators
  • Patient Advocates
  • Health Coaches and Trainers
  • Nurses
  • Physicians
  • Physician Assistants
  • Psychologists
  • Social Workers


  • Enhance your communication and relationship building skills to improve clinical outcomes and patient safety and experience
  • Improve your team's effectiveness, efficiency and morale 
  • Practice skills for working effectively with patients and colleagues from diverse backgrounds 
  • Become more skilled at turning conflict into opportunities to embrace diversity and improve care delivery 
  • Recharge your personal battery and passion  
  • Become a more creative and dynamic change agent in healthcare 
Sneak Peek at ENRICH 2018

Research Forum
June 1 - 3, 2018

Forum participants will attend and present on the latest research and teaching methods in healthcare communication in the form of oral presentations, workshops, special interest groups, and a poster session. 


  • Teaching and evaluating clinical communication skills
  • Patient education and health behavior change
  • Shared decision-making and patient/family engagement
  • Humanities, ethics, and professionalism
  • Research methodology


Those interested in learning about the latest research and teaching methods related to communication and relationships in healthcare, including:

  • Academic faculty researchers
  • Medical educators
  • Medical students
  • Patient Experience professionals
  • Healthcare administrators


  • "Having attended many different types of academic conferences, at the ACH Forum I had some of the best discussions during and after workshops and presentations. It was invigorating to learn from peers, colleagues, and those with different perspectives. The approachability of speakers and presenters was a breath of fresh air.” 

  • "What an incredible group of people and a collaborative, supportive, energized atmosphere. The best interpersonal environment of any conference I've ever attended."

  • "Very very supportive community of researchers and educators. Loved this conference!"

  • "By far, this is the best conference I have been to in terms of open discussions-and I have been to many conferences over an 18 year period."

  • "It was en excellent introduction for me in the world of communication in healthcare. It was my first AACH event and was motivating and exciting to meet people who are also interested in this important area of medicine."

  • "Feedback from participants at oral presentations and poster session were very positive & provided in a constructive, friendly manner."

  • "The conference successfully met this goal. Lots of good discussion and networking. I overheard many people say they felt that they were among kindred spirits."

  • "By far, the most interesting conference I've attended. Content, structure, leadership, and participants contributed to this.”

  • “I was pleased to participate in many workshops with such open, thoughtful, interprofessional individuals. I felt most welcome (my 1st experience with this group)! I learned theories to relate to my practice and the blend of ethics, communication and professionalism are so important to the patient and professional's experience.” 

  • “I have greater ability to facilitate good teamwork, which will improve patient care. I achieved insights into how to better structure my communication training program. I also achieved more knowledge and sensitivity about the complexities related to obtaining consent for organ transplantation.” 

  • “Always a great learning community at ACH conferences. Attendees are supportive, gracious and helpful with their comments. The moderators are typically wonderful as well, allowing for great conversations to occur.”