Who should attend?
June 16-19, 2016 Yale University  |  New Haven, CT
The course fosters interprofessional collaboration and welcomes participants from a variety of healthcare perspectives, particularly those interested in improving their own communication skills with colleagues, patients, and families, as well as those interested in teaching others these skills.  

This includes:
Patient Advocates
Health Coaches
Physician Assistants
Social Workers
The Forum is geared toward researchers, educators and clinicians interested in improving communication in healthcare. 
This includes:
  • Academic faculty leaders conducting research on communication in healthcare 
  • Healthcare administrators guiding topics related to communication
  • Medical educators from a range of health professions:
-Medicine-Psychology-Nursing-Physical Therapy
Why attend?
• Enhance your communication and relationship building skills to improve clinical outcomes and patient safety and experience
• Improve your team's effectiveness, efficiency and morale
• Practice skills for working effectively with patients and colleagues from diverse backgrounds
• Become more skilled at turning conflict into opportunities to embrace diversity and improve care delivery
• Recharge your personal battery and passion 
• Become a more creative and dynamic change agent in healthcare 

ENRICH Testimonials
"ENRICH provided me with one of the most profound learning experiences I have ever had. I feel I have concrete new skills to bring back to my work with patients, trainees, and work teams alike." –2015 ENRICH attendee

"This is the professional development or renewal course that is beyond technical knowledge and receiving information - you are exposed to knowledge and information and you are made to practice, and the latter makes the difference in who you are and will be as a healthcare professional."–2015 ENRICH attendee

"This course was well worth the time, energy, and risk involved. The facilitators created a safe space for skills practice through their words and modeling. I was pleased to work with such a dedicated, caring group of educators and providers." –Brenda Austin, PhD, Director of Psychology Training, San Francisco Dept of Public Health-Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center

"...I came because I wanted to learn better small-group facilitation skills. I left feeling reinvigorated for the work of teaching and learning, and heartened by the new connections among our small group of diverse learners. It's great to spend time with people who are committed to improving communication in health care."–Jen Hayashi, MD, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

"ENRICH opened my eyes to a whole new way of connecting with patients and colleagues. My relationship with patients will be more rich and meaningful thanks to ENRICH."–Alpa Sanghavi, Chief Quality and Experience Officer, San Mateo Medical Center
FORUM Testimonials
"Having attended many different types of academic conferences, at the AACH Forum I had some of the best discussions during and after workshops and presentations. It was invigorating to learn from peers, colleagues, and those with different perspectives. The approachability of speakers and presenters was a breath of fresh air.” -Past Forum Attendee

 “By far, this is the best conference I have been to in terms of open discussions-and I have been to many conferences over an 18 year period.”-Past Forum Attendee

“It was an excellent introduction for me in the world of communication in healthcare. It was my first AACH event and was motivating and exciting to meet people who are also interested in this important area of medicine.”-Past Forum Attendee

“This conference was one of the best I've attended. The size was wonderful - many conference I attend have between 5,000 and 10,000 participants.”-Past Forum Attendee 

“By far, the most interesting conference I've attended. Content, structure, leadership, and participants contributed to this.”-Past Forum Attendee

“I valued most the networking opportunities during the poster and workshop sessions and so there was ample space in the meeting for this to happen.”
-Past Forum Attendee

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