Poster Session

Friday, June 17th  |  5:45 pm - 7:00 pm

The poster session will be a joint session, in which both ENRICH and Forum attendees can participate.  The session is designed for focused interaction between presenters and other delegates.  Below is the list of posters that will be presented.

Communication in Quality and Safety

62.  Assessing the Content and Context Used by Health Professionals to Screen for Intimate Partner Violence at the First Obstetric Visit (Cecilia Huang)
64.  Improving Communication on a Medical Floor Through Interdisciplinary Rounding (Chandra Hartman) 
83.  Communication Strategies for Introducing Novel Laparoscopic Instruments: A Pilot-Scale Randomized Control Trial to Improve Surgical Safety 
(Mohammad Islam, Alex Heromin, Holly Huth)

Diversity and Cross-cultural Communication 
135.  A Teaching Model to Enhance the Professional Communication Skills of Internationally Educated Nurses (Lesley Hemsworth)
139.  Integrating Home-Visits into Developmental Disabilities Clinical Service Learning Program (Molly Belisle )
144.  Culture and Nonverbal Expressions of Empathy in Clinical Settings: A Systematic Review (___)

Health Literacy and Numeracy
96.   Health Literacy Events and Health Literacy Practices (Anne Marie Liebel)
146.  Is patient’s health literacy promotion through physician prescribed information effective in outcomes of heart failure patients with functional class III/IV 
(Vahideh Zarea Gavgani)

Humanities, Ethics, and Professionalism
134. Connect and Reflect: Starting a Clinician Resilience Program in an Academic Tiertiary Care Hospital (Alyce Getler)

Implementation Science and Knowledge Translation in Health Communication
172. Subdomains of Communication Competences in Medical Education (Camila Franco)

Other Communication-related Topics
157.  Communication Workshop Improvement through Direct Participant Feedback (Minna Saslaw)
114. The Electronic Medical Record in the Exam Room and the HIV-infected Patient-Provider Relationship (Atsuko Yamahiro) 
57. Physicians and medical malpractice: Why does fear persist in spite of medical malpractice tort-reform? (Misti Hill Carter)

Patient Education and Health Behavior Change
37.  Brief Action Planning (BAP): A Self-Management Support Tool and Technique Based on the Principles and Practice of Motivational Interviewing (MI) for the Routine Practice of Medicine, Psychiatry and Chronic Illness Care (Steven Cole)
106.  Development and Implementation of Intensive Behavioral Therapy (IBT) for Obesity in the Primary Care Setting (Kathleen McFadden, Meera Ramsooksingh)
124. The Effects of Inappropriate Words' Energy Transfer to Vulnerable People and How To Balance Them (Sofica Bistriceanu)
152.  Preliminary Development of an Informational Media Use Measure for Implanted Defibrillator Patients: Toward a Social-Ecological Model of Medical Information Acquisition (Chris Knoepke)

Shared Decision-making and Patient/Family Engagement
66.  Engaging Families in Management of New Onset Diabetes in Youth (Erinn Rhodes)
90.  Family Satisfaction with Communication and Shared Decision Making in Neuroscience Intensive Care Units: Room for Improvement (Urs M. Weber)
91.  Bust a Move: Progressive Mobility in an ICU includes Family for success 
(Catherine Williams, Amanda Golino)
161.  Got SDM?: A multimodal intervention to improve shared decision-making during inpatient rounds on medicine and pediatric services (Stephanie Harman)
173.  Differences in Provider communication behaviors when interacting with Caucasian and African Americans during treatment decision-making consultation for prostate cancer (Latorya Hill)

Teaching and Evaluating Clinical Communication Skills
82.  Teaching Bedside Manners to Medical Students: Opportunities in Psychosomatic Medicine and Literature Review (Edwin Meresh)
112.  Pilot medical resident training program in Women's Comprehensive Clinic at VA Hospital (Andrea Garroway)
113.  Aligning Healthcare Professionals with Communication (A Qualitative Study of Audiologists in Practice) (Lauren Keller, Jenna DeRosa, Yoseily Guillermo, Diane Ferrero-Paluzzi)
156.  Teaching Effective Communication Skills to Subspecialty Fellows (Jeffrey Rabatin)
162.  Assessing Patient Perspective to Improve Patient-Hospitalist Communication and Enhance the Inpatient Experience (Megan Randall)

Team and Inter-professional Communication
21.  Teaming Up for Patient Safety: A Case Study of Social Interactions Among Surgical Team Members (Michelle Leak)
51.  Communication satisfaction and job satisfaction among critical care nurses and the impact on burnout and turnover intention. (Peter Vermeir)
65.  Nightly ICU Rounds: Reducing Conflict by Increasing Communication and Education (Bobbie Ann Adair White)
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