Shared Mind: Creating a Space for Possibility


February 7-12, 2016
Franciscan Renewal Center  |  Scottsdale, Arizona

In the last several winter courses, we have examined change:  first, as it surrounds, and evolves, in the air around us; and, most recently, taking change into our own hands and shaping it.  This winter, we will deepen our Change Work, looking into our hearts where lasting change resides. Change can be individual and deeply personal.  But, when the landscape of change is larger, to be successful and sustained, change requires the collective heart and the will of many. 

We will examine Change Work through the lens of Shared Mind, defining it broadly and considering its many applications.  Shared Mind may be reflected in a Zen-like interconnectedness.   It may surface in the clinical encounter, as experienced in shared decision-making and meaning-making  across cultural and language barrier.   Or it may be critical in the creation of the collective heart and will in Change Work in groups, practices, and organizations. We will employ personal practices, interpersonal skills, and facilitation tools to enable the development of Shared Mind in the advancement of our Change Work.

Course objectives:

By the conclusion of this course, participants will understand the myriad applications of the concept of Shared Mind and will be able to:

1. Apply principles of Shared Mind to relationship-centered shared decision making
2.     Employ group facilitation practices to foster sense making conversations in the design, initiation, or management of change in team settings
3.     Utilize reflection and mindful practice in our own Change Work as life-long learners, educators and facilitators

2016 Winter Course Features: 2016 Winter Course Planning Committee:  
  • FIT skills sessions focusing on small group facilitation
  • Faculty project groups focusing on a range of faculty-selected topics
  • Personal awareness/learning groups
  • Workshops
  • Crossover Groups
  • Large group sessions

Kathy McGrail (Co-Director)
Kathy Kieran (Co-Director)
Mary Ann Gilligan (Relationship Manager)
Lynn O'Neill
Marla Rowe Gorosh
Peter Barnett
Michael Nathan
Jim Bell
Keith Mansel
Erum Jadoon
Sally Fortner

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