2017 Winter Course

February 5-10, 2017
Life Enrichment Retreat Center
Fruitland Park, FL

Course Directors: Sally Fortner, MD and Stephanie Harman, MD
Relationship Manager: Mary Ann Gilligan, MD, MPH

Winter Course is reserved for AACH Faculty, FITs, and RCF program participants to spend time in intensive communication skills training and personal awareness development.   

Healthcare has hit a crisis point with high rates of burnouts among clinicians.  This intersects with a culture of patient safety in which institutions are encouraged to examine failures as areas for improvement.  How can imperfection and failure contribute to a growth culture?  How do we grow and develop in our professional lives in this climate?  At Winter Course 2017, we will examine the relationships between growth, failure and imperfection and learn strategies to cultivate resilience.

Course objectives:
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

1. Describe the potential relationship between imperfection, failure, and growth

2. Discuss strategies for developing resilience and growth from imperfection

3. Employ facilitation practices that encourage resilience

2017 Winter Course Planning Committee:
Jim Bell, MS, PA-C, Daeman College
Steve Borowsky, MD, Park Nicollet
Renee Bergstrom, EdD, Retired
Nuala Crotty, MD, Spectrum Health
Keith Mansel, MD, Mayo Rochester
Michael Marcin, MD, UCSF
Cynthia Gardiner, BSN, RN, CPXP, Spectrum Health System
Michael Nathan, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Kathy Kieran, MD, Seattle Children's Hospital


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