FIT Skills
These sessions are intended to equip FITs with skills related to the program competencies, such as core communication skills and roleplay, small group facilitation and feedback, and higher level challenging group interventions.  

The 2017 Winter Course FIT skills will be led by Carol Chou and Julie Crosson.

During the FIT skills sessions, we intend to help FITS prepare for co-facilitation at ENRICH by practicing:

1. Facilitation skills, particularly around universal facilitation challenges, and 
2. Language and exercises to support the ENRICH theme of "Connecting Across Differences."
We will start by identifying challenges that we have encountered in our facilitation experiences, as well as those that we anticipate may arise.  We will reflect together to overcome these challenging scenarios (growth and improvement) and identify and practice different approaches to facilitation challenges (build resilience).  We will end by applying the skills we learn in our Winter Course "growth culture" to "Connect Across Differences" at ENRICH.  FITS will delve into their own experiences to plan what they personally will bring to ENRICH across this theme.

At the end of these sessions, the participants should be able to:
1.  Enhance and increase fluidity with fundamental facilitation skills.
2.  Identify personal and universal challenges in facilitation and learn "more ways than one" to address those challenges.
3.  Practice problem-solving facilitation challenges.
4.  Build resilience in facilitation by learning from pitfalls in managing challenging facilitation scenarios.

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