Faculty Skills Sessions
Based on a needs assessment of faculty who have recently attended Winter Course, it was clear to the course planning committee that there is a high demand for skills work.  In order to accommodate skills work during an already intensive multi-day course, the Winter Course Task Force decided to replace the faculty project group time with skills time.  Although a valuable experience for some, it was evident that the faculty project groups were the most reasonable educational activity to do away with.

The faculty needs assessment revealed the skills in highest demand by our faculty, including conflict management.  Therefore, the inaugural Faculty Skills Sessions at Winter Course, will consist of:

How to Improve Your Ability to Engage with Conflict
Nan Cochran & Calvin Chou
Differences are inherent, even necessary, in multi-disciplinary teamwork, healthcare, and our personal lives. However, in our high pressure, fast paced, and complex healthcare settings, conflicts inevitably and frequently arise, often resulting in intense emotional reactions. Hierarchy and power differences add additional challenges to difficult conversations. Without specific training in conflict engagement, as a result of these intense emotions, many either fight back or withdraw. Participants will learn and practice skills that move beyond these two responses and work towards effective, principled collaboration.
Objectives: By the end of the workshop track, participants will be able to:

1.              Explain how to build relationships while negotiating
2.              Practice identifying and using emotions during conflict
3.              Separate facts from assumptions and stories
4.              Identify our biases and blind spots
5.              Distinguish between interests and positions
6.              Demonstrate how to negotiate in the face of power differences

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