FIT Skills Sessions

These sessions are intended to equip FITs with skills related to the program core domains, such as facilitation, workshop content and development, personal awareness, and coaching.

The 2019 Winter Course FIT skills will be led by Calvin Chou and Ellen Pearlman and will focus on coaching.

In the current era of competency-based education, with increased clarity on specific skills and behaviors that individuals can iteratively improve, coaching, feedback, and remediation of communication skills has gained heretofore unprecedented importance. Using an appreciative approach to coaching necessitates not only excellent skill in fundamental relationship-centered communication (RCC) but also critical observation, astute analysis, and clear identification of the most important feedback conversation to focus on with the participant being coached. In these sessions, we will build on what FITs already know about RCC and feedback to develop effective coaching skills.

By the end of the FIT skills sessions, FITs will be able to:
1) Name some of the structural and institutional elements that are required for coaching to occur
2) Effectively establish and maintain an appreciative coaching encounter by eliciting strengths, vision, and goals (EPA 1, 2, 3*)
3) Observe learners, specifically to track and identify effective use of fundamental communication skills
4) Give specific, behaviorally-based feedback (EPA 5*)
5) Collaboratively construct next steps and accountability practices for iterative skills improvement (EPA 4*)

*these map to the FIT program EPAs