Faculty Skills

Can I Really Say That? Culture, Diversity, and Hierarchy Workshop
Presented by: Denise Davis and Kara Myers

“Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced.” James Baldwin

Health professions education has provided few opportunities for learning how to effectively address racial, ethnic, sexual orientation and gender differences in healthcare settings. This workshop aims to help participants feel more comfortable in explicitly recognizing, naming and navigating these differences in both personal and professional domains. Workshop participants will be offered practical skills for clinical care, teaching, mentoring, and leadership that have the potential to enrich the lives of participants and improve how we work in a diverse world.

Skills development will be offered in small group facilitation skills for equity, responding to microaggressions, and navigating white fragility.


Practice skills that promote equity in teaching and mentoring, especially as related to race

  1. Identify and practice communication strategies that allow for power and privilege to be discussed in a way that is an invitation (and not an accusation) to discover more about self, patients, learners and colleagues.
  2. Develop skills in acting as an “upstander” when microaggressions occur in personal or professional settings
  3. Develop language that addresses white fragility in teaching, mentoring and leadership
  4.  Develop personal goals for how to address diversity and foster inclusion in home institutions