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 Being Present: Using Relationship Centered Skills in times
that Call for courage and grace

February 2-7, 2020
Navasota, TX  I  Camp Allen

Course Directors: Raj Nagaraj & Robbie Sherman

The ACH Winter Course is an annual event reserved for ACH Faculty and those currently enrolled in the FIT or RCF program to spend time in intensive communication skills training and personal awareness development in a retreat-like setting.

The 2020 Winter Course participants will be able to recognize interactions in the DEI space that causes pain and suffering. The participants will develop skills to be able to speak up in these situations with the intention of being an ally for the person who feels the pain and to create a ‘brave space’ for dialogue to bring awareness. The participants will also commit to use their platform as educators and mentors to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. 

Upon completion of the course, working in the Diversity-Equity-Inclusion space, participants will be able to:

  1. Bring to mind experiences in the DEI space where they may have contributed to, or witnessed an interaction that likely caused pain or distress for another person.
  2. Develop awareness about the impact of that experience personally on their thoughts, feelings, and self-image.
  3. Distinguish between acts of omission and commission and their impact on you as well as on the other person(s).
  4. Characterize “courage” in these situations and what it would take, or what is needed, to act courageously in this domain.
  5. Reflect on the possibility of, and means to “cultivate” courage so that it is more readily accessible in their daily work and interactions.
  6. Utilize rapid response empathic imagination to access empathy and to guide their response.
  7. In the DEI space, use RCC skills to respond to hurtful or harmful interpersonal or organizational decisions or interactions.
  8. What would advocacy look like? List personal actions they can take as clinicians, mentors and colleagues to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.


 Planning Committee

Course Directors:
Raghava Nagaraj, MBBS, MPH, FHM, Wake Forest School of Medicine
Robbie Sherman, MD

Committee Members:
Sally Forter, MD, University of New Mexico
Ryan Laponis, MD, UCSF  (RCF co-director rep)
Michael Nathan, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Matt Russell, MD, VA Boston Healthcare
Judy Passaglia, CNS, RN, ACHPN, Stanford Health Care
Brenda Lovegrove Lepisto, PsyD, Hurley Medical Center
Kathleen McGrail, MD
Lynn O'Neill, MD, Emory University (RCF co-director rep)
Carol Chou, MD, University of Pennsylvania (FIT co-director rep)
Tim Gilligan, MD, MS, Cleveland Clinic (FIT co-director rep)
Lynda Tang, DO, Vancouver Clinic
MB Salama, MD


 Course Book