ACH Institutional Memberships

The Academy of Communication in Healthcare offers Institutional Membership to organizations who are interested in purchasing a volume of memberships for thier employees. An eligible institution is considered one physical organizational entity (e.g., an academic medical center campus, a hospital, medical practice, outpatient or ambulatory facility). All interested institutions must apply and are subject to approval.


ACH Mission Statement: ACH is the professional home for researchers, educators, practitioners, and patients committed to improving communication and relationships in healthcare. It is a home that provides opportunities for collaboration, support, and personal and professional development.


Institutional Membership Pricing
Number of Employees to Receive Full Benefits Cost per Member Savings per Member* Additional Benefit
6 - 9 $200 $35 Any employee of
the institutional
entity member is
allowed to attend
ACH events at
the ACH member
 10 - 19 $195 $40
20 - 49 $190 $45
50 - 99 $180 $55
100 - 149 $175 $60
150 - 199 $170 $65
200+ $165 $70+

*Based on a 1-Year Individual Professional Membership: $235 

Institutional Member applications are subject to approval. To apply, please complete the institutional membership application below. 

Questions? Please contact Rachel Poarch at

Institutional Membership Form
  • Institutional Membership Form:

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  • Membership Fees:

  • Describe below how your organization/institution meets each of the following criteria:

  • Please submit the following information:

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      • Institutional Member Applications are subject to Approval by the ACH Membership Committee

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