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The Academy of Communication in Healthcare offers Institutional Membership to organizations who are interested in purchasing a volume of memberships for their employees. An eligible institution is considered one physical organizational entity (e.g., an academic medical center campus, a hospital, medical practice, outpatient or ambulatory facility). All interested institutions must apply and are subject to approval.

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ACH Mission Statement: 
ACH is the professional home for all those who are committed to improving communication and relationships in healthcare.


Institutional Membership Pricing
Number of Employees to Receive Full Benefits Cost per Member Savings per Member* Additional Benefit
6 - 9 $200 $35 Any employee of
the institutional
entity member is
allowed to attend
ACH events at
the ACH member
 10 - 19 $195 $40
20 - 49 $190 $45
50 - 99 $180 $55
100 - 149 $175 $60
150 - 199 $170 $65
200+ $165 $70+

*Based on a 1-Year Individual Professional Membership: $235 

Institutional Member applications are subject to approval. To apply, please complete the institutional membership application below. 

Questions? Please contact Rachel Poarch at

Institutional Membership Form
  • Institutional Membership Form:

  • Membership Fees:

  • Describe below how your organization/institution meets each of the following criteria:

  • Please submit the following information:

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      • Institutional Member Applications are subject to Approval by the ACH Membership Committee

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