2018 FIT Program is FULL

applications for the 2019 program will open in fall 2018.

Application process

1. Verify that you have met all prerequisites:
     1) Successfully completed the new ACH Relationship-Centered Communication Facilitators Program (RCF) or graduated from an ACH Train-the-Trainer program (or equivalent)
     2) Attended the ACH ENRICH course, or for those TTT applicants who have not attended an ENRICH, attendance at the 2018 ACH Winter Course as a guest.

     3) Are a current ACH member

2. Prior to submitting your application: Contact Lindsay Overall with your intent to apply to the program at loverall@amrms.com.  She will verify that you have met all prerequisites.

3. Submit all of your application materials directly to Lindsay by email at loverall@amrms.com.  Partial applications will not be reviewed. Complete applications will be reviewed by the FIT Committee.

4. Notification of Verdict- You will be notified as to the results of the FIT Committee's decision within two weeks of their call. If accepted into the program, you will receive any feedback from the committee about your application, as well as a letter of agreement to sign (Appendix V) and a list of available Faculty Guides to choose from if you have not already already selected one.

We would like to stress that it is not possible to accept every applicant. Senior Academy faculty are heavily committed and will accept only that number of applicants to whom we can guarantee a full and rich experience. 

If not accepted, you will be given recommendations for additions or revisions to your application and an invitation to resubmit your application. 

Required Items           Details
Letter of Intent This is a very brief letter simply stating your intent to apply and listing the letters of support you plan to obtain.
CV  Please include your most updated CV or resume. 
Personal Statement  Address the following items in your statement:
-Your motivation for applying
-What (if any) institutional support (financial, time, or otherwise) you have for pursuing the FIT program
-The skills you hope to attain from the FIT program beyond those gained in the RCF or TTT program

4 Letters of Support from:
ACH Faculty members
Learner (Coaching context)
Institutional support

Please instruct letter writers to send their letters to Lindsay Overall at loverall@amrms.com.

2 Faculty letters- These should be sent by faculty with whom you have worked in ACH courses, RCF, TTT, or in other capacities. These letters should discuss your knowledge and competence as they relate to the FIT program core domains of facilitation, workshop content and development, coaching, and personal awareness. They should also provide an opinion about your readiness for ACH training. Send this request letter to the 2 ACH Faculty from whom you'd like letters. It contains details on what they need to include in their letters of recommendation.

NOTE: If you are a TTT participant who has never attended ENRICH and will instead attend Winter Course as a guest to fulfill that prerequisite, your faculty letters are a particularly crucial component of your application.  In addition to their comments on your knowledge and competence in the 4 core domains, the faculty will need to focus on their personal assessment of your cultural "fit" within the program and within the organization as a whole.

Learner letter- This should be from a learner with whom you have worked in a coaching capacity within the last year. The FIT definition of "Coaching" encompasses: feedback, teaching/educator roles, mentoring, and/or remediation. A "learner" is defined as a student or learner from any level, or house-officers. Send this request letter to the learner from whom you'd like a letter. It contains details on what he/she need to include in their letter of recommendation.

Institutional letter- This letter should provide evidence of institutional commitment to your training process. This commitment should define clearly the amount of protected time for training and should recognize the importance of your work and academic progress in this area. Send this request letter to the Chairperson or Supervisor from whom you'd like a letter. It contains details on what they need to include in their letters of recommendation.
Preliminary Learning Plan This should contain overall goals for the year, specific objectives which will lead to those goals, learning activities that will lead to attainment of your objectives, and methods for evaluating your progress. (Click here for a sample learning plan) To be submitted by those applying to the FIT program or for current FITs wishing to advance or graduate from the program.


Contact Us
Julie Crosson, MD
FIT Program Co-Director
Boston University/Dorchester House
Boston, MA
Carol Chou, MD
FIT Program Co-Director
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
Lindsay Overall
Program Manager
Lexington, Kentucky
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