Certification: Completion of RCF Program
  1. RCF participants will submit self-reflections of both communication and facilitation skills, using the Competencies document (see link), incorporating feedback from ACH faculty leaders and observers.
  2. The Competencies documentation of progress will occur after WC, ENRICH, and Solo-facilitation
  3. The Competencies documentation of progress will provide specific feedback and allow for a documented competency assessment across the program. 
  4. If the RCF participant is “ready” for certification after the observation phase of solo-facilitation, then they will be notified and recognized.
    a. Note:  RCF participants are not guaranteed to reach certification during the 1-year program period. Some participants may require additional training and/or facilitation practice, in which case, additional fees, up to the cost of tuition for an additional year ($2,950) may apply.  
Questions? Contact Lindsay Overall at rpoarch@achonline.org
RCF Program Directors: Ryan Laponis Ryan.Laponis@UCSF.EDU​ and Bronwyn Wilson bewilson@salud.unm.edu.
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