Documenting Competencies for ACH Facilitators     
Competency                                   Reflection                                
 Present Didactics:
  • Explain the relevance and importance of communication skills.
  • Describe each skill and evidence to support its use. 
 Demonstrate fundamental skills of relationship-centered care (in large group
 and during facilitation of small groups) 

 Set up role plays:
  • Explain the purpose of role play; elicit and respond to concerns/fears/prior
    experiences with role play.
  • Solicit volunteers.
  • Choose and clarify a scenario.
  • Arrange chairs to create a stage. 
  • Review goals with "hot seat" participants.
  • Review ground rules of role play.
  • Assign roles to observers.
 Run role plays:
  • Accurately identify "hot seat" participant's ability to demonstrate the skills being practiced
  • Use time outs appropriately toward skill development.
  • Coach toward performance of skill.
 Debrief role plays:
  • Debrief in appropriate order (hot seat, “cold seat,” observers, self).
  • Debrief in appropriate format (What was effective? What would you do differently? Review
    of observers’ assignments).
  • Use replay when able and appropriate.
  • Elicit “take homes” from person in hot seat.
 Facilitate small group learning:
  • Track each participant’s learning needs and behaviors.
  • Respond to challenging or disruptive participation by using the skills.
  • Keep entire small group focused, on track, and adherent to ground rules and format of debrief.
  • Provide behaviorally specific feedback.
  • Role model the skills during teaching.
 Run and debrief the following:
  • demonstrations of each skill
  • reflective listening exercise
  • ice-breaker exercises
  • transitions in and out of small groups
  • end of course wrap-up
 Manage time effectively. 
Orchestrate the mechanics of a one day training:
  • set up the room, AV, handouts etc
  • ensure adequate orientation of trainers to the agenda, roles, assigned groups etc.
  • troubleshoot problems as they arise
  • facilitate huddles to attend to the needs’ of the trainers during the day
  • run an effective debrief of the day


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