Program Content
Program Content
Describe the theory behind the workshop design:
  • Adult learning theory
  • Social learning theory
  • Cognitive load theory
  • Adjusting your style to the learner and their stage of development
Describe the key features of giving effective feedback: The ART of effective feedback                  
  • Ask for self-assessment
  • Respond with empathy / summarize
  • Tell your feedback

Design learning plans:
  • Elicit participants’ individual learning objectives
  • Design plan for accomplishing objectives

Practice detecting and intervening in challenging small group participation:
  • How people interact in small groups
  • Name potential challenges
  • An approach to challenging participation
  • Practice sessions

Practice large and small group facilitation and didactic presentations:

Platform skill competencies include:                  
  • Working with slides and with audience to gather content
  • Positioning self
  • Managing the large group
  • Mastering the content and literature

 Set up and facilitate skills practice (role play):
  • Elicit from the group previous experiences with role play, generating a list of benefits and challenges to this type of practice
  • Effectively describe the process for skills practice to ensure participants' comfort and safety
  • Seek a volunteers and a case, obtaining appropriate level of detail
  • Elicit the learner's learning goal related to the case
  • Run the skills practice, including effective use of time out
  • Effectively debrief the skills practice in correct order of learner-->patient-->other group members-->facilitator, starting with reinforcing feedback followed by limited corrective feedback
  • Elicit the learner's take home point
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