Program Process
Program Process
Applicants accepted in Fall 2017 will attend the 2018 ACH Winter Course and 2018 ENRICH Summer Course.  Additionally, participants will join quarterly check-in calls to support progress. The RCF process concludes with a solo-facilitated course of at least 4 hours in length led by the RCF participant and observed by a qualified ACH faculty member. For purposes of this capstone project of the RCF program, the RCF participant will be expected to convene a group of learners and demonstrate the facilitation skills developed during the training process. The entire RCF program involves 70+ contact hours led by expert ACH faculty. The program duration is January to December (see below).
 Experience Description   Schedule Details

 ACH Winter Course     

Class of 2018: 
February 4-9, 2018
Camp Allen
Navasota, TX

Class of 2019:

*Hours for development: 30                                                                                                                        

 Training will consist of of intensive training in fundamental communication skills and setting up / running / debriefing straightforward role plays, in preparation for co-facilitating RCC workshop groups at ENRICH  Day 1: Standard one-day course, facilitated by 1-2 ACH faculty leaders who will guide the group throughout the process (Training will begin in the morning of the day that the Winter Course starts).

Day 2 – 6: RCF participants will attend large group sessions with traditional Winter Course participants, and then otherwise will meet as a separate group during the remainder of
scheduled sessions.

The RCF Winter Course training will focus on fundamental skills toward competencies (Click here to view Competencies)  
 Quarterly Virtual Meetings

 *Hours for development: 4
RCF participants will attend quarterly conference calls led by ACH faculty. The calls are designed to provide participants with check-in opportunities with the group to ensure continual progress toward successful program completion.
- Conference Call 1: Welcome & Orientation (January)
- Conference Call 2: Progress Check-In (April)
- Conference Call 3: Progress Check-In (August)
- Conference Call 4: Progress Check-In (November)

 AACH Summer Course:  ENRICH

Class of 2018:
May 31-June 3, 2018
Tampa, FL


Class of 2019:
 *Hours for development: 24

RCF participants will engage as co-facilitators of the ACH fundamental
Relationship-Centered Communication workshop track. Small group
learning time will be dedicated to this specialized RCF cohort as a
separate in “intact group” format, focusing on practicing facilitation
challenges and setting up / running / debriefing integrated exercises.

The ENRICH program occurs over a 4 day, intensive time period. See ENRICH site for specific schedule details.
 Demonstration of Solo-  Facilitation
 *Hours for development: 8
4 hour minimum length of solo-facilitated session + pre-post planning
between RCF participant and ACH faculty observer. RCF Participants
should convene a group at their home institution to run a half-day or full-day course. A qualified ACH faculty member will travel to the location of the participant to observe the session. RCF participant will receive feedback at the end of the session.

The exact schedule for the 1day demonstration will be coordinated by the RCF participant and will be delivered at their sponsoring home institution. An ACH faculty member will coordinate to attend the workshop to observe the facilitation skills of the RCF participant.
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